Zvijezda Margarine / Stolni za kreme

Margarine for creams

Creamy cakes with sweet cream flavor

Zvijezda’s margarine makes creams and frostings smooth and voluminous, without creating lumps or concealing the fundamental flavor and color of the cream. It is used in confectionery and households for making various creams or stunning fillings for cakes and pastries. Enriched with a sweet cream aroma, it has a soft and spreadable texture, in order to make the cream as smooth and foamy as possible. It is recommended in the preparation of creams and frostings for well-known cakes, such as the Hungarian sponge cake, the classic chocolate or puff pastries stuffed with sweet vanilla cream or chocolate.


  • For smooth, foamy and easily spreadable creams
  • Enriched with a whipped cream aroma
  • Packaging: 250 g
  • Storing conditions: at temperatures up to 15°C

Zvijezda Margarine / Stolni za kreme