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Tsatsaronakis whole grain barley round rusks 600 g
Tsatsaronakis Cretan “Manna” Barley Round Rusks are whole grain, double baked and have an original unique taste. They are made of pure ingredients and are rich in fiber and low in fat. You can serve them with fresh chopped tomato, feta and herbs or with yogurt and fine Greek honey.
Important Information for rusks and toasts:
Due to their nature, rusks and toasts can potentially break in transit; although we try to carefully package everything, there is a high probability that some, or of all of them might break. Please consider before ordering.
Product Features

Serving size 100g

Calories 364 per 100g

Product Highlights 

Low in fat and rich in dietary fiber

Certified PGI by Agrocert

No preservatives

Product Cautions and Directions

Make sure to wet these rusks with water before eating to soften and prevent tooth chipping

Store in a cool, dry place

Contains gluten and traces of sesame


Whole grain barley flour 42%, whole grain wheat flour, salt, yeast

Tsatsaronakis whole grain barley round rusks 600 g

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