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Tsatsaronakis wheat toast with olive oil (kithiron) 500 g
These Tsatsaronakis small wheat toasts with olive oil are traditional Kythirian delightful rusks. They are made with stone-ground wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil. They are an ideal accompaniment to salads, dips and main courses.
Important Information for rusks and toasts:
Due to their nature, rusks and toasts can potentially break in transit; although we try to carefully package everything, there is a high probability that some, or of all of them might break. Please consider before ordering.
Product Features

Serving size 2 rusks (40g)

Servings per container about 13

Calories per serving 190

Product Cautions and Directions

Store in a cool, dry place

May contain traces of sesame and gluten


Wheat flour, olive oil, salt, yeast

Tsatsaronakis wheat toast with olive oil (kithiron) 500 g

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