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Tsatsaronakis cretan barley rusks 600 g
Tsatsaronakis rusks are pure, double baked and with a great original taste, they are highly nutritious and a unique source of energy. Made of whole wheat flour and of the purest ingredients from Crete, they form an important part of a healthy diet. They are rich in barley fiber, low in fat, have no preservatives, and stay fresh longer. In Crete, they are served with finely chopped fresh tomato, salt, olive oil, oregano, crumbled feta cheese and black olives. 
Important Information for rusks and toasts:
Due to their nature, rusks and toasts can potentially break in transit; although we try to carefully package everything, there is a high probability that some, or of all of them might break. Please consider before ordering.
Product Features

Low in fat and rich in dietary fiber

One rusk contains 24% of your RDA of fiber

Made with whole grains

Certified PGI by Agrocert

Contains 0% cholesterol or preservatives

Product Cautions and Directions

Make sure you wet these rusks with water before eating because you might break a tooth. They are extremely hard

Store in a cool, dry place

Contains gluten

May contain traces of sesame


Barley flour, wheat flour, salt, yeast


Tsatsaronakis cretan barley rusks 600 g

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