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Monastiri Cretan honey 2 lb
The blessed Cretan land generously offers us three, excellent in quality categories of honey, which are marked by strong flavor, eminent taste, high nourishing value and spare useful ingredients for the human body. Thyme honey in combination with the very nourishing dark-coloured honey of coniferous trees and honey by the wide variety of flowers of Cretan nature, make Monastiri an outstanding and unique natural product which is delivered to the consumer respectfully, as the Cretan land has donated it to us.

Our honeys are raw with all their naturally occurring enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients.

Our honeys are collected by hand, using traditional methods.

Our honeys ripen inside the beehives without any chemical additives.

Our honeys are chemical and pesticide free.

Our honeys are not blends ours come from bees that feed freely on distinct floral sources resulting in unique flavors, textures, aromas and colors.

Monastiri Cretan honey 2 lb

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