MISKO Bows (Fiogkaki) 500g bag

Bows – also known as Bow Ties or Farfalle (the Italian word for “butterflies”) - are one of the most classic and whimsically-shaped pastas. At Misko, we have been making traditional Italian-style pasta in Greece since 1927. Misko Bows (Fiogkaki) are delicious al dente, and have just the right surface area to soak up the goodness of almost any sauce you can dream of! Our Bow Ties will shine bright with classic pesto, alla vodka, marinara and Bolognese sauces. For a delicious warm or room temperature pasta, enjoy our Fiogkaki with pesto, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. For a colorful vegetarian dish, serve our Bow Ties with garlic and onions sautéed in olive oil, topped with diced roasted butternut squash, roasted asparagus or roasted brussels sprouts and top with grated parmesan cheese. For a heartwarming dish on a cold night, enjoy Misko Bows with a pasta alla Carbonara sauce of crispy lardons and spring peas. For a fanciful take on traditional chicken soup, use Misko Fiogkaki instead of rice or small pasta. Once you start working with our Bow Ties, you’ll never stop.

MISKO Bows (Fiogkaki) 500g bag



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